Unreal Tournament 2004 - Mods

Force Shield & Link Grappling Gun

The Force Shield (when used properly) enables the player to minimize damage when taking impact damage from falling, dramatically increases the ability to jump high by using the force of the gun at the ground (i.e. "like getting shot from a cannon"), and to energize your body suit for increased speed and manuverability (i.e. "like sonic the hedge hog revin'up for a quick run").

Link Gun with the ability to grapple onto friendly player objects (vehicles, turrets, etc). This is great fun when used in conjunction with the Force Shield. Never miss a ride -- even when someone else takes your vehicle. Do a Force Shield Jump, then grapple the vehicle and hang on. When done, drop and enable shield to minimize falling damage.

Also included is a Gravity Mutator. Configure gravity to be what you want it to be.

Download Gun and Mutator

Atakapa Copter Vehicle

Helped develop the code for this Helicopter Vehicle mod for the Unreal Million dollar challenge.

This helicopter is a single-seater vehicle that replaces the Raptor vehicle. Its main guns are like the goliath turrets with a small bonus splash damage affect. The secondary gun is like the Raptors missles but these shoot a bit faster. We have some interesting damage options for the vehicle. For example, if you get hit in the back with an avirl missle, the back part of the helicopter breaks off and you start falling but not necessarily destroyed. This vehicle comes packed with 600 health and custom realistic sounds.

Download Helicopter